Car park fears scotched

SOUTH FREMANTLE Senior High School principal Geri Hardy has played down concerns from nearby residents of secret plans for a car park opposite their homes.

Residents got twitchy when demolition signs appeared on a house belonging to the school on Annie Street, but Ms Hardy says it’s simply getting too old and expensive to maintain and is a drag on the school’s resources.

• Mick Sputore on Annie Street. Photo by Stephen Pollock

• Mick Sputore on Annie Street. Photo by Stephen Pollock

“The car-park at the front of the school is being renovated and extended slightly, and there are additional bays going in alongside the driveway into the recreation centre off Annie Street – that’s all the car park upgrades going on here,” Ms Hardy said.

“I have been involved in the development of plans for this site for the last two years, and there is nothing planned for the land where the house is.

Mick Sputore lives on Annie Street and says he’s happy to see the end of the house, as it had become an eyesore.


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