Coasting to success

NO matter the weather, the Indian Ocean is always beautiful to look at.

Despite some heavy rain and ominous storm clouds, the view from our table at Coast was breathtaking.

Chowing down fresh calamari while watching furious waves pound the sand is a truly unique affair and a reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

While the crowds were light during our visit (it’s impossible to escape the cold in this very open space), I have no doubt Coast will be overflowing with hungry punters during the warmer months — now that they’ve finally arrived.


For the masses

Coast’s menu is designed for the masses. It has been simplified and almost halved since we visited over a week ago but it’s still a multinational mishmash of eastern favourites like red beef curry ($26), steamed pork bao ($21), murtabak ($16) and sambal pork belly ($17.50).

The calamari is seriously good – in fact, it’s the best we’ve ever had.

It’s coated in a very thin, well-seasoned batter, has a buttery texture and melts in the mouth. The dish could have done without the watery iceberg side salad though.

The tasting platter ($49) is a selection of items from the grazing menu and made up of heavy, deep-fried goodness like chicken dumplings, sweet potato balls, pork and plumb spring rolls, wedges, a pork croquette (sambal pork pieces on the menu), ciabatta and dips.


The whole thing wasn’t all that inspiring, but it was a hunger buster nonetheless.

Everything was well cooked, and considering it’s mostly deep fried it wasn’t oily at all.

The pork croquette was the highlight.

It was full of moist, tender pulled pork and wasn’t overpowered by a potato filler like most croquettes. Delicious.

I know they’re just chips but it’s worth mentioning how good Coast’s spicy potato wedges are.

They were cut from huge potatoes, deep fried to perfection and oh-so-crunchy.

You’ll want to order an extra serving – they’re very morish and you’ll end up fighting over the last one.

All in all the food was only a smudge above average, but with Salt’s exclusive dining making way for Coast’s inclusive culture to get the salt-washed masses in (the website repeatedly boasts about it being “everyone’s beach house” I guess that’s about what you’d expect.

But oh, those views…

Coast will no doubt be a favourite with the locals for years to come.


Coast Port Beach
42 Port Beach Rd, North Fremantle
9430 6866
Mon – Fri 11am-10pm
Sat – Sun 11am-11.45pm


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