Greens candidate

AVIDLY pro-Roe Melville council seems an odd place for a political candidate to emerge with a platform of scuttling the highway extension to Fremantle’s port.

But strategic planner Martin Spencer (right), announced as the WA Greens state candidate for Fremantle, says support for Roe isn’t unanimous amongst the council’s 700-odd staff.

The 59-year-old East Freo resident says following his preselection, he’ll be bypassing any Roe work.

“My employers are okay with that and it won’t be a problem,” he says.

Apart from stopping the highway, Mr Spencer says his campaign will focus on improving public transport and creating more affordable housing.

He previously ran a lunch bar, drove a coach bus and worked as a travel consultant.

Mr Spencer raised three children in a small apartment in Fremantle and wants parents to have more housing choices than he did.

“Fremantle has a lot of good housing initiatives and I want to see these widened out to other areas in the electorate,” he says.


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