Oiling your energy

FALLING raindrops are the source of the blues in the 1969 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but Beaconsfield therapist Abheeti Kathryn Pass has a different take.

After spending years researching essential oils to help her chronically ill daughter, Ms Pass says raindrop therapy can help keep people energised and relaxed.

Ms Pass’s daughter Ambra suffered colic, couldn’t sit up and had problems feeding, but doctors were stumped. A hair analysis eventually showed up lead, cadmium and aluminium levels off the scale, which were blamed on flaking paint in their rented home.

After moving out, Ms Pass began a regime of therapies including essential oils.

Ambra is now a healthy, energetic second grader, and her mum has turned her oil therapy to dealing with the oft-heard lament of modern living; “I’m so tired”.

“Tired is the new awake,” she says. “Many people are reporting increased levels of stress and fatigue as we work longer hours and forever seem to be attached to technology and our work.”

Standford University’s Dr William Dement says some of the penalties of prolonged sleep debt include: “A depressed immune system and an increased risk of high blood pressure and diabetes.”

Raindrop therapy was developed by Young Living Essential Oils founder Gary Young and Lakota native American medicine man Wallace Black Elk in the ‘80s.

It starts with dropping a selection of oils along the spine, neck and feet from a height of 150 millimetres and ends with an ultra-gentle massage called feathering.

“The feedback is ‘I felt so relaxed and yet so energised’,” Ms Pass says.

Manipulative physiotherapist and kinesiologist Wendy Schulze reckons a session is better than rain to a garden in summer: “I found I slept really well and not just for one night. It became my new pattern to sleep more soundly. It made me feel more energised during the day.”

The power of essential oils isn’t to be underestimated and a detailed client history is taken before a particular mix is chosen, Ms Pass says.

For info go to raindroptechniqueperth.com or call 0424 061 081.


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