LETTERS 28.1.17


All bad
IS it really a good idea to destroy precious urban wetlands in order to spend $1.9 billion on building an eight-kilometre piece of toll road that will end in a huge bottleneck three kilometres short of a port that will be obsolete within 10 years?
Does any of that sound like a good idea?
Mary Irwin
Wheeler Rd, Hamilton Hill

What hope progress?
WENT down to the new anti-Roe 8 camp on Wednesday, January 18.
What a day of irony it turned out to be.
The new camp is on the corner of Hope Road and Progress Drive.
Hope Road? There was certainly hope from the residents and peaceful protesters but after taking in the new sweeping views to the east and west from Northlake Road where, until days ago was bushland and trees, it was waning.
Progress Drive? Knowing what we do about alternative ideas to this road. Trucks, pollution and asbestos in the area. As well that Mark McGowan has said he would cancel this project if Labor wins in less than two month’s time.
Is this progress?
Finally, I called the office of Albert Jacobs, minister for the environment. His secretary sent me an email to which I could reply with my concerns. At the bottom of the email was the message, ‘please think of the environment before printing this email.’
Actually, I’m confused. Is that ironic or hypocrisy?
Miranda Cres,Coolbellup

Driving up our rates
WITH the state government removing concessional licensing of vehicles from their budget, is the City of Melville going to increase rates this year to cover any additional cost incurred?
Over the past 10 years the council has spent in excess of $300,00.00 on advertising in support of Roe 8, the current contribution being $50,000; money that was not in the current budget.
Would this pay the licensing fee increase that will occur?
It must be queried as to where the city found $50,000 to fund this current and un-budgeted expense, particularly after they increased the rates for 2016/2017 to meet current costs in times they describe as being one needing fiscal restraint.
Surplus from the budget should be used to minimise unforeseen expenses, such as this licensing issue, particularly in the current financial climate.
It must be remembered that the Roe 8 issue is a state government issue for them to argue with the electorate. Individual councils can have an opinion and express their point of view but to expend ratepayers money on un-budgeted projects that result in rate increases and possible diminished services is unreasonable.
What next? The sale of public assets to cover the cost of other un-budgeted undertakings over which the city has no control?
John Phillips
Mitchell St, Mount Pleasant

Wakey wakey
AFTER reading yet again another article regarding the wave park in Alfred Cove I find it really scary to think that it may actually happen.
I see nowhere where it says the word “proposed” which makes me think it may already have been given the green light from the council without any consultation or input from the rate paying public.
I wrote an article only a few weeks ago on my genuine concerns but can’t believe I didn’t get any support or comment back.
If this concrete disaster goes ahead then this pristine A-class land is gone forever, all for some ridiculous money-grabbing exercise.
Wake up Melville residents and take your heads out of the sand.
Cornelis Kunnen
Latham St, Alfred Cove

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