Alcohol naming rights crackdown

DON’T expect another Corona concert in Fremantle anytime soon.

As part of a review of its alcohol management policy, Fremantle council is set to ban alcohol naming rights for music or cultural events which target a youthful audience.

The council copped flak for approving a Corona-sponsoredd concert at South Beach last year, particularly after residents and Sea Shepherd volunteers picked 173 cable ties and 9500 cigarette butts out of the dunes after the event.

Following the backlash, then-councillor Josh Wilson formed a working group to refine restrictions of alcohol sponsorship of events and festivals.

Cr Rachel Pemberton noted sections of the review applied to “externally run events” and asked if alcohol signage on fences in alfresco areas would be included.

Council arts manager Pete Stone said the main thrust of the policy was event naming rights, and delving into areas like alfresco dining could be a minefield.

He said alcohol promotion was heavily intertwined with arts and music events, but in recent times advertising had become less overt.

The item will come before full council later this month.


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