Ride the wave

A FAMILY of Attadale surfers drive two hours to Wedge island just to get some decent surf, so they’re looking forward to being able to pop down the hill and catch perfect curlers at Alfred Cove.

Paul Edison says it’s tough finding decent waves anywhere south of Trigg, and knows many other Melville families who hope the wave park proposal will be successful.

Mr Edison reckons wave park supporters are just quieter than the naysayers, and that Tompkins Park is an ideal spot for the facility because it’s central, adjacent to other sporting facilities, and a rare example of unused open space.

“The Perth coast is fringed by a lot of outer reefs, particularly Rottnest and some outer reefs further north. I think also the symmetry of the coast means we don’t get any meaningful waves anywhere near the metro area,” he says.

• Jen, Paul, Alex and Lily Edison can’t wait for the wave park. Photo by Trilokesh Chanmugam

• Jen, Paul, Alex and Lily Edison can’t wait for the wave park. Photo
by Trilokesh Chanmugam


“I do resent a lot of the way that the opponents have been referring to it as a theme park. I mean surfing is the second highest participation sport in Australia. It’s serious business, I think it deserves to be taken seriously – this is a training ground, like a sporting oval but for surfing.”

Chadd Heatley and his two daughters are keen on surfing, but have never learned because they’re worried about sharks.

“I’ve always wanted to be a surfer but I’ve just got this thing about the sharks in the water,” he says. “My girls won’t do surf club because they’re shit-scared of going into the water…It’s a genuine concern I have for my kids and the kids around the suburbs.”

He reckons the wave park, which will also include a licensed cafe and roof top members area, is going to be a great place to spend the evening.


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