Stirling designs firming?

PLANS for duplicating Stirling Bridge as part of the Perth Freight Link seem to have firmed, with a source claiming Main Roads recently sent designs to construction company Georgiou Group for comment.

Main Roads says while there’s “no plans or approved budget” for the second bridge, it acknowledges it’s been talking to industry representatives about design standards and construction techniques.


“Main Roads has planned the duplication of Stirling Bridge and the widening of this section of the highway since the first bridge was built in 1978,” the department told the Herald in a statement this week.

“Main Roads is planning to improve traffic flow and movement through the nearby intersection through minor civil modifications.”

We couldn’t find anyone at Georgiou to comment, but the company’s website brags it’s been involved in several of the largest bridge projects in Australia.

Meanwhile Liberal Bicton candidate Matt Taylor says if re-elected he’ll be pushing for the proposed tunnel under White Gum Valley to be stretched under the Swan River and into the port.

“Every single local I’ve spoken to supports this idea and engineers tell me its achievable,” Mr Taylor wrote on his Facebook page this week.

Mr Taylor’s seat is crucial to forming government after the  election, and Labor’s Fremantle MP Simone McGurk thinks he might be just trying to get himself out of a pickle, as the government had already told the upper house his plan wasn’t feasible.

“Why is Matt Taylor, the Liberal candidate in Bicton, leading people to believe thousands of trucks coming through Roe 8 and 9 could magically disappear through a tunnel under the river?” Ms McGurk said.

North Fremantle Community Association convenor Gerard MacGill doesn’t believe Main Roads and reckons they’d already have plans drawn up.

“We deserve better than this, particularly in this pre-election period,” Mr MacGill said.

“We are being kept completely in the dark about the final stage – presumably Roe 10 – and there could be a good reason for this, because from what we do know it will be a horror story for North Fremantle and East Fremantle. The MRD and the City of Fremantle should immediately release to the public whatever plans, modelling and pictorials they possess so that we may know the real facts about Roe 8, 9 and beyond.”

stories by STEVE GRANT

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