Bicton blockbuster

YOU know those wholesome Hollywood endings when the credits begin to roll and the camera pans out to reveal a wide, pristinely clean, tree-lined American street in middle-class suburbia?

Birdwood Circus in Bicton could play that role exceptionally well, the only difference being that the gum trees have an unquestionably Aussie vibe.



Strolling along this street I couldn’t help notice the unique way that both historic and modern homes blended together seamlessly.

In some neighbourhoods this might appear unattractive and chaotic, but here it felt like this was the way it had always been and each house seemed to compliment the next.

As I approached number 47, my attention was instantly drawn to the striking dome turret and the charming stone chimney which adorned the side of the house.

These captivating elements effortlessly exuded old-world class, which intrigued me as I later discovered that this property is new.

Interior darkness will never be an issue here, as this property is blessed with an abundance of gorgeous wide windows which welcome natural daylight from all angles.


As I approached the beautifully-crafted front door, my eyes were drawn to the delightful outdoor area, which was perfect for a Sunday get together and even had a Mediterranean-style plunge pool.

Upon entering the home, I emitted a very audible gasp, as I was not prepared for the exquisiteness of the interior.


This place is beyond beautiful and incredibly spacious, with four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, two garages and 580 square metres of living and entertaining space.

Reception room

The enormous reception room opened up to a generous dining room.

Culinary enthusiasts will revel in the magnificent kitchen complete with a lovely vintage-style range cooker, which was reminiscent of an old English cottage.

The largest of the four living rooms is spacious and boasts an intimate gas fireplace that evokes cosiness and warmth.


The house is illuminated by elegant lighting throughout, including a grand chandelier that overlooks the central staircase.

Some of the rooms are decorated with 1920s Parisian-style floral wallpaper which only accentuates this property’s sophistication.

This is a home that will celebrate family togetherness, while still allowing everyone to enjoy their own space (and plenty of it!)


47 Birdwood Circus, Bicton
Paul Parkinson
Nook Property
0400 002 974

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