Sharpest tools in the shed

THE Fremantle Men’s Shed officially opens tomorrow, Sunday March 5 from 10am to 3pm.

The sheddies have recently finished their move from White Gum Valley into a purpose-built facility on Hilton Park and apart from some extra space for their tools have a raft of new projects up their sleeve.

Open day organiser and recruiter Alex Marshall says they want to show off how the shed is developing as a true community hub and not just a place for lonely old blokes.

• Alex Marshall’s been itching to get his hand on the auctioneer’s gavel.

• Alex Marshall’s been itching to get his hand on the auctioneer’s gavel.

“It’s a great place to meet people in your community from all walks of life.

“One example of that is when I came in the other day there was a couple of blokes out the front complaining about the Roe protestors, and when I walked out the back there were a couple of others making things to chain themselves on,” Mr Marshall laughs.

More space

He says the new shed has more space than their old digs and that’s given membership a boost as people can always find a bit of room to get stuck into a project. He says they’ve got around 200 people on the books now.


The open day’s tool auction has proved a great success, with a sea container packed with a variety of donated hand and power tools which will be up for grabs.

Mr Marshall boasts that they’ve picked up some specialist tools as well as stuff for handymen (and women) for the auction, with everything laid out for a viewing before the bidding begins.

Unfortunately, everything has to be cash, as the shed’s still waiting for a phone line so can’t do Eftpos.


The shed will also be showing off its new music and art rooms at the open day, while the Hilton Bowling Club next door’s putting on barefoot bowls. Mr Marshall says they’ve uncovered quite a troupe of performers amongst the ranks who’ll be contributing the entertainment.

“We’ve also got a barbecue with Princi’s award-winning snags, so none of that cheap supermarket stuff, this is the top stuff,” Mr Marshall says.


There’s also a display of vintage machinery and motorcycles.

The Fremantle Men’s Shed is at 70 Shepherd Street, Beaconsfield.

stories and photos by STEVE GRANT


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