Denmark Festival of Voice
Preparations for Denmark Festival of Voice 2017 are in full swing with the announcement of two international acts making their debut Australian performances. Held over the weekend of 2-4 June, the Festival is an annual celebration of the power and beauty of the human voice, showcasing local, regional, national and international artists.
The Ensemble Aznash Laaman are a group of elder Georgian women from the Pankisi Valley who sing a repertoire of traditional Chechen songs, Sufi acapella chants and some of the earliest christian songs from Byzantine, Maronite Arabic, Aramaic, and ancient Greek traditions.
The Compagnia de Sacco, is a group of elder men from a tiny mountain village in the Italian Alps who have remained true to the vocal tradition from the Ceriana mountains, both sacred and secular – reflecting ancient polyphonic chants and liturgy.
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Discover the Rail America!
Join West Coast Cruise & Travel’s Great American Railroad Tour and experience stunning rail journeys coast to coast through mountains, deserts, canyons and world-famous cities. The tour includes stops in New York, New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
The 26-day tour includes first class travel on four of Amtrak’s famous trains including “The City of New Orleans” and the “California Zephyr” which travels from Chicago to San Francisco and is considered one of the most beautiful train trips in all of North America. As you climb the snow-capped Sierra Nevada peaks and traverse the spectacular Rocky Mountains, it would be hard to disagree!
Local sightseeing tours are provided and with three to four night stopovers, there is also ample time for exploring at your own pace. Some of the many highlights include: a jazz cruise on a genuine paddle steamboat in New Orleans, and dinner aboard the Napa Valley Wine train in California.
First class hotels along with most meals, porterage and tipping throughout is included. On-board, guests enjoy comfortable sleeping cabins with panoramic views from the spacious lounge car, and inclusive meals in the dining car.
The tour, escorted by train buff Kevin Pearce, departs on 3rd June flying Singapore Airlines.
Tour cost is $15,988
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Inspiring Travel Experiences
For more than 34 years, West Coast Cruise and Travel has built an impeccable reputation for providing quality, value and personalised service. Leanda Blank and her experienced team can tailor-make a holiday for you to any corner of the globe. This award-winning agency specialises in all aspects of travel, including cruising, touring, accommodation, and packages. Leanda’s love of cruising saw her open Fremantle’s first cruise centre. During this time, she has seen the industry grow at an unprecedented rate:
“A style of travel previously referred to as for ‘the newly wed and the nearly dead’, cruising has undergone a massive change in the last 20 years. A record number of 1,058,781 Australians took a cruise in 2015. It’s predicted that if our growth rate continues this way, we’ll reach two million passengers by 2020. With so much included in the price, cruising offers fantastic value for money. Travelling from port to port is a breeze, with no need to worry about unpacking. You’ll wake up in an amazing new place everyday, refreshed and ready to explore.”
In addition to cruising and general travel, West Coast Cruise and Travel also offers fully escorted small group land tours, which are truly unique and extraordinary:
“Travel should be about so much more than ticking boxes. We design our small group land tours with great care, showing you all the iconic sights as well as including little moments you weren’t expecting. We stay at locally-run boutique accommodation, noted for its geographic or luxurious character,” said Leanda.
And when Leanda says small group, she really means it, with usually only 10-20 people on each trip.
“We are there for you every step of the way, providing assistance, guidance and companionship.”
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