Warrior comes home

SEA SHEPHERD Australia’s MV Ocean Warrior pulled into Henderson this week after its maiden voyage to the Southern Ocean where it hunted whalers.

The Ocean Warrior and Steve Irwin trailed the Japanese whaling fleet for three months, catching them with a dead minke whale which was allegedly caught in Australian waters recognised as a sanctuary.

• The MV Ocean Warrior arrived back in WA this week after its maiden voyage to the Southern Ocean. Photos


The discovery led to criticism of Japan’s whaling from environment minister Josh Frydenberg, while prime minister Malcolm Turnbull took up the issue with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe who was visiting Australia at the time.

Ocean Warrior captain Adam Meyerson said he was proud of the crew, who became the first Sea Shepherd team to outrun one of the whaling fleet in their annual game of cat and mouse.

“I could not be prouder of the crew of the Ocean Warrior who worked together through rough weather, fog and ice to shut down whaling in the Australian Whale Sanctuary,” Capt Meyerson said.

“We are thankful and humbled by our supporters all around the world that enable us to keep up this important fight.”

Sea Shepherd Australia’s managing director Jeff Hansen welcomed the crew of the Ocean Warrior, praising them for giving up time with family during the Christmas and New Years holidays to take part in Operation Nemesis.

Mr Hansen said the Ocean Warrior will undergo repairs at Henderson.

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