Greyhound protest

GREENS MLC Lynn MacLaren is appalled that after she exposed the horrific death toll of greyhounds from the racing industry last year, the Barnett government took no action (“Ban it now,” Herald, July 30, 2016).

Ms MacLaren, who’s position in Parliament is on a knife-edge following Saturday’s election, says the hounds are still being killed simply for not running fast enough or after being injured on the track.


“In the past year 371 greyhounds were euthanised in WA; 96 because they were not suitable for racing, 88 which were deemed unfit for re-homing and 187 which were euthanised after they injured on the track or during training,” Ms MacLaren says. “We know that 800 dogs were euthanised in the two years to 2015—the number has remained steady.

“With an average of 600 greyhounds born every year in WA since 2004, the euthanasia rate is very high.

“It is clear from the truth about mass wastage, horrific track injuries resulting in euthanasia, questions about the lack of veterinary treatment, doping and other cruel practices, that the ‘social license’ enjoyed by the industry in the past no longer exists.”

Fremantle-based candidate for the Animal Justice Party, Katrina Love, is organising a protest against the greyhound racing industry next month and says the new McGowan government could easily phase it out by cutting funding.

“The industry receives TAB revenue of between $13 million to $14m a year, but it only generates about $2m revenue itself..

“So the government has spent over $10m a year subsidising animal cruelty.”

Commercial greyhound racing only takes place in eight countries, according to the special commission of inquiry set up by the NSW government before it temporarily banned the industry after the live baiting scandal.

Informal races are held in 21 other countries, mainly in Europe.

Poor investment

Ms MacLaren says the greyhound industry had just 2000 member organisations, making the millions of dollars in infrastructure, grants and subsidies a poor investment for the government.

The Animal Justice Party protest is at 10am on April 9, at McCallum Park in Victoria Park.


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  1. Ah the good ole ‘social licence’ who issues it? Where can I get one? These extremists continue to think their opinions are relevant but thankfully the real world is waking up to their twisted ways.

  2. Lyn Maclaren needs to do her research before opening her big mouth.
    The right Infrastructure is a requirement for an industry that turned over 575.88 mil in 2014/15. The government has put in 10 mil, oh please.

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