Not a raw deal

THIS is Pulp Fiction $5 banana milkshake good,” says D’Angerous Dave, as he struggled to exhume the sugary mix with his straw.

“One of the best I’ve ever had.”

Like John Travolta’s character Vincent Vega —who couldn’t believe Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace had ordered such a pricey shake sans bourbon — I had to try it.

I have to agree with Dave, it was a mighty fine smoothy and well worth $7.90.

We’d rocked up to new Freo eatery Raw Energy, on the Cantonment Street end of Atwell Arcade, expecting raw food, and joked to owner Michael Threlfall about ordering a beef burger.

The laugh was on us, because there actually is a wagyu beef burger and chicken burger ($14.90) on the menu — just don’t ask for chips.

Originating in Queensland, Raw Energy is about healthy food made from fresh local ingredients: “For a balanced lifestyle,” says Threlfall, a Fremantle local.

The brand originated in Queensland and the Fremantle store is its first foray in the Wild West.

High-rise feast

D’Angerous opted for the macadamia and lentil burger ($13.90).

The high-rise feast was a delicious meeting of flavours, enhanced by the sweet nuttiness of the macadamia.

The bun was crammed with lettuce, tomato and cucumber, and laced with a really good mayonnaise.

Any banana-smoothy envy I was feeling disappeared as I sipped my liver-cleansing beetroot, pear, carrot and lemon juice ($6.90).

With its perfect balance of sweet and sharp, it was a great thirst quencher.

There’s an all day breakfast menu with all the usual suspects, as well as vegan quinoa fritters ($17.90), a bacon and egg burrito ($14.90) and trendy acai bowls ($12.90).

But it was the vegetable, pesto and ricotta lasagne ($14.90) on the lunch menu that caught my eye.

The size of a shoe-box, it dominated the plate, making the accompanying fresh salad look rather dainty.

Its multiple stacks were filled with chunks of sweet potato, pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli, corn and egg plant, and topped with cheese and a sweet tomato sauce.

There’s an interesting range of real raw cakes and slices, but with full tummies and a shortage of time on a work day we had to head off.


Raw Energy
3 Cantonment Street, Fremantle
9430 5872
open 7 days 8am – 4pm

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