Magnificent seven

A  VEGETARIAN, a vegan, three carnivores, and a couple of pescatarians were going out for a meal, but couldn’t agree on where.

The ordinarily gentle vegan/veggos arced up at the idea of a gourmet hotdog joint, and the meat eaters were apoplectic at the thought of some raw veggies.

Then one of the party suggested Aroy Thai, and our story had a happy ending, with something to suit everyone, even the gluten intolerant if we’d had one.

The South Fremantle eatery is a D’Anger favourite and also delivers, so when we’re knackered, we can order in.

Gathering for Capricious Catherine’s birthday our diverse group kicked off with a shared mix entree plate ($24.90) and an extra fried tofu ($7.90).

The kitchen happily swapped meat curry puffs for veggie ones and the party’s happiness quotient continued to rise.

As always the fish cakes and spring rolls were great, and the meat eaters were in raptures over the stuffed chicken wings.

A serve of prawn crackers ($4) came with a thick and delicious chilli jam, redolent with blanchan (fish sauce), which hit the right note for some, but not our vegan, who happily polished off the crispy tofu with peanut sauce.

Meanwhile, Dave and I ordered a vegetarian green curry ($18).

“It’s one the best I’ve had, the rich, creamy sauce coated the vegetables and didn’t slide off,” he said.

Mild-mannered Mark ordered a larb gai ($20).

Sitting atop a mountain of salad, the minced chicken was doused in a delicious spicy dressing and topped with roasted chillies.

The green papaya salad was so hot it brought tears to my eyes.

But it wasn’t hot enough for Catherine, who wanted more heat and less sweetness in the dishes: “They needed more acidic pungency,” she opined.

A massaman curry ($21), with sweet potato and roasted peanuts in coconut milk, became a spot the spice game,

Clove, fennel, cinnamon, maybe anise?

The eventual winner was Bounteous Brigitte who recognised the sweetness as star anise.

Some of us were keen for dessert and soon a black sticky rice in coconut cream with longan, a sago in coconut cream (both $8), and a sticky rice with mango ($9) were being devoured.

Good thing we were walking home.


Aroy Thai
308 South Terrace,
South Fremantle
9335 5144

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