No DAP for square

FREMANTLE council won’t send designs for its new Kings Square admin building to a state development assessment panel, but mayor Brad Pettitt says locals will still get a fully transparent process with the opportunity to comment.

On Monday the council’s strategy and project development committee heard that the new hq was classed as a public work and therefore exempt from the need for a development application.

That earned a visit to the podium by Fremantle Society president John Dowson, who feared that would shut his organisation out from the process.

The society is staunchly opposed to the proposed building, saying it’s oversized and taking over valuable public open space on the square, and it fears its too costly which will lead to huge rate rises in the future.

But mayor Brad Pettitt says the designs will still go through the council’s planning committee and a consultation process so residents can have their say.

Staff say that with new schematic designs just in from architect Kerry Hill, now is a good time for the council to check that they’re still compliant with its planning scheme.

One response to “No DAP for square

  1. What a joke, full transparency.
    He the mayor stills hasn’t disclosed the magic system they used to justify their hidden financials from the business plan.
    Not to mention he is still running off a business plan that must be 5 yrs. old by now.
    The whole design is years old.
    What would be interesting to see, is what is the projected cost of this project, which the council is barreling ahead with.
    Lots of unanswered questions from the community on this project!
    As it leaves the city exposed for over a $50 million loss.

    The funny thing with this Mayor is he says always wants to hear people’s comments, and then just does what he wants anyway.

    The J-shed debacle springs to mind.
    Community engagement clearly said one thing, good old I’m listening but can’t hear a word you are saying Brad Petite did exactly the opposite.
    Freo needs to get rid of this guy before he takes them to bankruptcy.
    Maybe the community needs to look at what he is selling off.

    His anti-car campaign is part of this, sell of Henderson St Car-park, well under replacement cost, so if he actual replaces it, it will only be 1/2 the size another step forward in his anti-car campaign. Cutting hundreds of parking spots from the general public.

    Point St Car-park sale, will be another net loss for parking spaces in Fremantle
    Pakenham street sale adding to the loss, then there is constant attack on street parking where step by step they erode this as well. Each year concreting in a few more bays.

    Let’s hope the general community catches on to what a mess they are making of Freo, greatly limiting its potential for the future.

    Car is still King in WA.

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