‘Port to Point’ vision

EAST FREO deputy mayor Michael McPhail wants a unified foreshore between Fremantle port and Point Walter in Bicton.

Cr McPhail presented his “Port to Point” vision at Monday night’s Fremantle Network meeting.

He says in recent years there has been a lot of capital investment in the foreshore and he expects to see more money ploughed into the redevelopment of Greater Fremantle in years to come.

His vision includes the redevelopment of South Quay in Fremantle and the Leeuwin barracks, and upgrades to the foreshore in Point Walter and Bicton.

He says the Leeuwin redevelopment will be the catalyst that kickstarts his entire “Port to Point” plan.

• East Fremantle deputy mayor Michael McPhail. Photo by Charlie

1400 dwellings

In September, East Fremantle council pushed for community consultation on the Leeuwin masterplan, despite reluctance from the Department of Defence which own the Barracks.

As a result of the consultation the master plan now includes 1400 dwellings, an eight-storey hotel at the south-west corner of the barracks and 3000sqm of commercial space.

“One of the key choices people made was to allow taller buildings so that we can enjoy a higher proportion of high quality open space amongst the redevelopment,” says Cr McPhail, who is WA’s youngest deputy mayor and studied urban development.

The plan allows for 25 per cent open space

“The plan also includes a redesign of Riverside Drive to push it up against the escarpment which will allow space for more revegetation and possibly a skate park,” he says.

“It will probably be five years before the East Fremantle receives development applications for the site, and 15 to 20 years before the work is finished.

“The development will meet our urban infill needs for the foreseeable future.”

It is expected the DOD will sell the Barracks by late this year, unless they undertake planning work before handing it over to developers.


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