Childcare centre blocked

COCKBURN council has again knocked back an application to open a childcare centre in Aubin Grove because of concerns over noise and parking.

The proposal, previously rejected in 2007, was to turn a Lyon Road home into a childcare centre, catering for 30 kids and employing nine staff.

Nearby resident David Alessandrini, a primary school teacher, said he did not want to arrive home to the sound of more noisy kids. “I’m not against a childcare centre in the area, I just think there are better choices to be made in terms of location,” he said.

“There’s land at the shopping complex just up the road that would be perfect for a childcare centre”.

Mr Alessandrini already has people parking on his lawn while attending a nearby skin cancer clinic, and says the proposed parking upgrades would not be adequate for the street.

FIFO worker Archie Chaudhary lives next door to the proposed site and says there were already cars parked “all over the place” because of a nearby primary school.

“The noise is a major concern, with a 10-month old son who needs to sleep during the day,” he said.

Cockburn councillor Chamonix Terblanche said it was unfair on the young homeowners living nearby.

“The neighbours bought their homes for peace and quiet with their babies and young children, and it is unfair to remove a basic human right to rest,” she said.

But Cr Lee-Anne Smith disagreed, saying the property ticked a lot of boxes for a childcare facility.


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