Beacy connects

SPACE for kids to play, a community garden and a bike track connecting South Street to the old quarry on Lefroy Road were some of the ideas kicked around as residents pondered the future of Beaconsfield at a council workshop this week.

Around 70 residents attended the workshop to have their say on the Heart of Beaconsfield project.

The development includes 48 hectares from South Street to Clontarf Road, with higher density housing on the cards.

Fremantle planning officer Louise Ainsworth said all organisations involved in the project – including the council, Homeswest, Landcorp, Activ, the education department and more – were keen to hear what residents wanted on the site.

• Architect Greg Grabasch chats with Beacy residents about what they want from the development.

Beacy resident Gracie Vivian says she wants the plan to build a community where her 14 month old daughter will want to live and grow old.

“At the moment … it’s either the shops or a park in White Gum Valley if we want the social, community atmosphere,” Ms Vivian said.

“There’s a lot of space that just isn’t utilised that could house community gardens and small community parks with playgrounds that everyone would be invested in.

“Keeping areas well lit and a diversity of housing is also important as there are some parts at the moment that you wouldn’t feel safe walking through at night.”

Social worker and Beacy resident Sophie Croft says she’d like to see residents from the Homeswest enclave known as the Beacy Bronx spread throughout the development to help maintain “a diverse mix of demographics” through the rejigged suburb.

UDLA director and architect Greg Grabasch will lead the drawing up of a master plan based on ideas drawn from the meeting.

“The overarching theme coming across tonight was people’s desire for connectivity – physically and socially – in the master plan,” Mr Grabasch said.

“Many residents also spoke about ageing in place – providing the services where people are able to grow old in Beaconsfield.”

Activ disability services confirmed it wanted to stay in the area, but residents say there is a need for more aged care.

Former mayor and part-time Beaconsfield resident Peter Tagliaferri attended the meeting and took the council to task for giving up on keeping Tafe in Beaconsfield. He says until it goes the council to fight for it to remain.

Beaconsfield councillor Hannah Fitzhardinge praised residents for their “incredibly sophisticated” input.


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