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GORDON RAMSAY says the key to operating a financially successful restaurant is to be fully booked during lunch.

I suggest the owners of Miss Chat’s take Ramsay’s advice, as they’re close to Cafe 55 — one of Fremantle’s busiest lunchtime spots — and whenever I walk past Chat’s during the day, the place is often empty — never a good sign.

The service could do with a fine-tune too: when we arrived for lunch we were barely acknowledged by the bartender.

There are no highchairs either and we had two small children in tow.

It’s a shame because the venue is beautiful, the menu exciting, and the food is amazing and great value for money.

As usual Kylie and I ordered way too much, but it wasn’t long before the steaming hot food was flying out of the kitchen.

Forks at the ready, we both tackled the best looking dish on the table, the nori squid.

The crisp and tender pieces of deep fried calamari were bursting with flavour, courtesy of the nori-speckled batter, and the wasabi mayo added a subtle heat.

Next on our hit-list were the croquettes stuffed with venison chorizo.

The rich, gamey deer had a nice texture and the croquettes were crunchy and piped with creamy sweet potato.

‘Gourmet’ fish and chips ($20) are the staple of most port city restaurants, but you’d be hard pressed to beat those served at Miss Chat’s.

Two pieces of hake were served on a mound of thick-cut beer-battered wedges.

Everything about this dish was perfect including the side salad.

I’ll be recommending this value-for-money feast to my friends and family.

I nearly awarded the three pulled-pork sliders ($15) top marks as well, but the buns were a bit stale.

Thankfully the tender pork filling was delicious on its own.

First impressions are everything and if Miss Chat’s is going to weather Perth’s hospitality storm it has to work on its service and promotion.

Especially if management intends on challenging local heavyweights like Otong and Lincoln, May Street Larder and Raw Kitchen.

The good news is that Chat’s food is excellent and great value for money.


Miss Chat’s
59 High Street, Fremantle
9335 2961

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