Dog beach stoush

STOUSHES between dog and non-dog walkers at South Beach have got worse, with owners of large dog breeds flouting rules and intimidating beachgoers at the site, claims a local resident.

Marie has gone for walks on South Beach for the last 20 years and says stand-offs with dog owners have intensified over the last decade.

“I don’t hate dogs, but my problem is with the owners who have intimidated me and my elderly father and left me feeling scared,” she says.

“I’ve seen people barked at regularly, dogs urinating and defecating in areas where people including myself sit, and owners allowing their dogs to drink out of the public showers.”

• A recent increase in the number of dogs running around prohibited zones at South Beach has infuriated a local resident.

“If the city improved the poor signage around the area and increased the penalties for infringements, then maybe there might be some improvement to the situation.”

Fremantle council services manager Mark Donnelly says that in the last six months there had been an increase in people letting their dogs off the leash in prohibited zones at the foreshore.

“South Beach is a great place to take your dog, but for everyone’s enjoyment, the city encourages all dog owners to observe dog zone signage and be respectful of other visitors,” he says.

“Owners are encouraged to watch their dogs at all times and take note of designated dog areas.”

Mr Donnelly added that new signage would be erected at South Beach to reinforce what areas were designated for dogs.

Visitors to South Beach are reminded to report any incidents involving dogs to the city’s community safety team on 1300 360 666.


One response to “Dog beach stoush

  1. It’s a real shame that:
    1) Inconsiderate dog owners get all dog owners a bad reputation.
    2) Having to complain against inconsiderate dog owners gets non-owners a bad name.
    I am not an owner, though we had family dogs for many years, and my daughter still keeps one. Many of my friends keep dogs. I like other people’s dogs when they are well-behaved, and I wholeheartedly respect their right to keep one. I don’t understand it but I respect it. I am disappointed that inconsiderate owners do not respect dog-prohibited areas, and object to the behaviour of badly controlled dogs in public, but I am not a dog-hater.

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