Man-flu cure

I  DON’T think I’d be wrong in saying Ootong and Lincoln was at the forefront of the revolution that turned South Fremantle into the Cappuccino Strip v2.

These days the far end of South Terrace is awash with great cafes, fantastic restaurants and terrific pub grub, and I’m inclined to think the food is better south of the border.

With this in mind, D’Angerous Dave and I headed to Ootong and Lincoln for lunch.

It’s been a while since my last visit, but the decor hasn’t changed much: funky and semi-industrial, with 1950s formica tables, which I suspect came from the old Roma on High Street.

There’s a menu with staples like smoked paprika lamb, or tandoori chicken burgers ($18).

But it was the cabinet groaning under a mouthwatering collection of deliciousness that drew me in.

The lentil burger and tuna patty looked pretty good, then I spotted the gnocchi and it was no contest.

A massive, steaming bowl was placed before me and I couldn’t help thinking $12 was ridiculously good value for money.

I began to worry that the gnocchi would be big on size and small on flavour—how wrong I was.

The cheesy sauce was big and bold and there was no shortage of sharply flavoured tom thumb tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and wonderfully soft blobs of gnocchi.

D’Angerous has been feeling off colour with the man-flu, so he opted for his childhood panacea—poached eggs on toast.

Asked his opinion he shrugged:

“They were quick. They were egg shaped. And creamy,” he grunted, the man-flu reducing his speech to that of a caveman.

But I noticed his plate was left clean. I’d planned on a slice of chocolate cake, but I was so full it will have to wait for another day.

Ootong and Lincoln opened in 2010 and everything is prepared in-house—including roasting the chickens for the sandwiches and the jam for the toast—and produce is sourced as locally as possible, and only when in season.


Ootong and Lincoln
258 South Terrace, South
9335 6109

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