Men Make  Your Health a Priority!

Men’s Health week runs from 12-18 June 2017. It’s a great opportunity to recognise the men in our lives and encourage them to look after themselves. 

The theme this year is “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Keeping the Balance” and focusses on the importance of physical and mental health in men and boys. Current data shows that men live 4.4 years less than women, with the last 11 years often spent in poor health. Statistics show that the top 4 reasons for reduced lifespan in men are due to cardiovascular (heart) disease, cancer, suicide and motor vehicle accidents.

What can we do about this? Prevention is better than cure, find out and manage the problem before it is too late! Know that it is OK to seek help, be active in getting medical advice if you don’t feel well or have a problem that won’t go away. Help is out there to assist with managing aspects of your life such as work, family and financial needs.

Ellen Health will support you to take charge of your own health. Book an appointment with a male or female doctor – whatever works best for you. With many services available on-site, you can fulfil most of your needs on the premises such as ECG monitoring, lung function tests and skin checks. Ellen Health also offers psychology services, if that is needed as part of your healthcare.

Family and friends, be proactive in encouraging men to get the help they need! Book online or phone 9239 0200.

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2 responses to “Men Make  Your Health a Priority!

  1. Great recommendations and initiative! Another point to be made here – most older men and seniors tend to think their “prime” years are behind them. They figure there’s no point in wasting energy on physical exercise – and nothing could be further from the truth! One of the greatest weapons men have against the declines that come with age is exercise. Use-it-or-lose-it is real, guys!

    • Exactly Kendra, As a GP I feel inspired to see men 60+ who cycle, row, participate in triathlons. Not only is this improving their physical health, but they have a much brighter outlook on life! This translates to all aspects of their life, I love your thinking – use it or loose it guys!

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