Business stacks up

AS I walk inside Stackwood’s giant entrepreneurial hub, the first words that pop into my head are diversity and community.

With studios, an event space, cafe and concept store, Stackwood is a creative melting pot where people work, play and exchange ideas.

Buried in the outskirts of Fremantle, the warehouse is home to several unique micro businesses that produce everything from ceramics to baby’s clothes.

• Stackwood Creative Venue and Concept Store. Photos by Jonathan Cunningham


Stackwood director Sarah Bell opened the space around a year ago.

“I really wanted to do something with a strong community base, whilst encouraging people to make things they would usually buy,” she says.

Bell managed to find a space where her dreams could come true—a grimy old diesel-boat warehouse.

“We scrubbed and scrubbed all the grease,” she says.

“When I think about what it was, it was not a habitable space, whereas now it has a really nice vibe.”

Bell is passionate about old-school craftsmanship and believes the workshops at Stackwood can even relieve everyday stress.

“I think lots of people are anxious and stressed because they’re forgetting to do these simple tasks,” she says.

Stackwood uses a community-based model, where businesses offer each other advice and sometimes even collaborate on each other’s products.

Bell says the approach is crucial, as lots of small businesses go under in their first year.

“Working solo in your own business you don’t often get to have conversations about problem solving. If you’re a business owner these days you do everything, which is why its really nice to see collaboration within Stackwood,” she says.

Bell says they are looking at introducing a “makers market”, where local product makers can sell their products at Stackwood’s warehouse.

Businesses running out of Stackwood include Hubble+Duke, The Little Posy Co, Lyndley Mill, See-d-esign, Tiny Print Press, Sally Mundy Artist, Peas in a Pod and Winterwares.


Stackwood Creative Venue and Concept Store
10 Stack Street, Fremantle
9335 9834

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