It’s a roaster!

You can’t beat the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee wafting down South Terrace on a frosty morning.

The hot joe was being made at Port City Roasters, a refurbished old gas station that oozes industrial character and charm.

I had to check out Port City Roasters after my “foodie” Instagram friends—who upload photos of their favourite breakfast spots—gave the cafe rave reviews.

On arrival I was promptly served cold water and handed a menu, which I immediately noticed had an all-day breakfast—great for hangovers and weekend sleep-ins.

The cafe’s wooden tables stretched from the cosy interior to the large decking outside, and were decorated with colourful succulents and old toolboxes.

To get the taste buds fired-up I ordered an ice-chocolate ($6), which was deconstructed into a tall glass of vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and a cute little milk jar, all arranged on a circular wooden board.

My friend ordered a long mac topped-up, which he described as a “smooth, subtle blend.”

For breakfast I couldn’t go past the poached eggs on toast ($13), with a side of wood-smoked bacon ($6) and rosti ($6).

The serving size was generous and the bacon crispy—just to my liking.

The two large slices of quinoa toast and the two gooey, perfectly-poached eggs, kept me feeling full for the rest of the day.

Port City Roasters is renowned for roasting their own coffee beans on site, which they serve in every possible and conceivable way.

They have eight different blends, but most days the baristas use their most popular varieties, Happy Days and Early Bird.

My friend’s coffee was made using Happy Days, which is rich and sweet, and characterised by its nutty and chocolate flavour.

For a dog lover like myself, the cafe’s outdoor deck is a great spot for your pooch after a morning stroll.

Just don’t forget to sneak your  dog some bacon under the table!


Port City Roasters
312 South Terrace, South Fremantle 

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