School expansion back on

EVERYTHING was cracking along for Port School back in 2015.

Port was earning kudos for its new young parent centre which helps prevent pregnant teens from dropping out and the education department was thrilled it was giving hope to its most challenging students.

• Simone McGurk, Mike Gilbert, Josh Wilson and Barry Finch. Photo


The school just needed a little extra room and was in the throes of negotiating with Main Roads to lease some land next door to turn into an oval, market garden and car parking, when suddenly the shutters went up.

The department wouldn’t explain its sudden change of heart, leaving the school’s special projects manager Mike Gilbert scratching his head.

It took a hot tip to the Chook before Main Roads’ backflip could be explained; the department was quietly plotting the return of the Fremantle Bypass, which would have roared past Port before disappearing under Clontarf Hill on its way to the Fremantle port.

But with the demise of the Perth Freight Link, Ports is finally back on track with its expansion thanks to a new lease pushed through by the McGowan government.

“It’s been a long road to get here,” said principal Barry Finch.“We’re thrilled to put the uncertainty behind us and move forward with our plans.”


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