Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2017 is set to be the biggest festival to date as it celebrates 20 years of bringing the most adventurous signature-driven international independent cinema to Western Australian audiences.

Revelation Perth International Film Festival will bring over 200 films from 30 different countries to Perth from July 6 – July 19. There are many events catered for families during the school holidays including a handful of free screenings.

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EVENT – Opening Night:
Becoming Bond
Synopsis: Becoming Bond
tells the story of George
Lazenby, the Australian
James Bond. From his early career as a mechanic to
taking on one of the most iconographic roles in film, Lazenby’s biography is a larger than
life tale of chance, risk, and opportunity.
Why I’m excited: It’s not every day you get to rub shoulders with James Bond himself. Lazenby will attend the opening night after party before a series of Q&A screenings throughout the festival which is a real treat for festival goers.

Synopsis: 78/52 is a fascinating exploration of the artistic, aesthetic, and culture aspects of the famous shower scene from Psycho.
Why I’m excited: In my opinion there is no greater teacher of the language of cinema than ol’ Hitch which makes this a must see for film students and film buffs alike. Casaba.

Synopsis: Patti Cake$ – real name Patricia Dombrowski – dreams of making it as a rapper but things are stacked against her.
Why I’m excited: Australian actress Danielle Macdonald has
caused quite a stir in Hollywood since this film’s world premiere at Sundance. I can’t wait to see her in her first leading feature film role.

LOCAL FILMWatch the Sunset
Synopsis: Watch The Sunset tells the story of Danny (director Barr) an ex-con and his small – and rightly terrified – family, over one brutal afternoon.
Why I’m excited: Filmed in one take! Nothing gets me more
excited than daring filmmakers determined to break boundries.

SHORT FILM Get Your Shorts On
There are far too many short films screening during this year’s Revelation to choose just one that I’m looking forward to but you can’t go past this showcase of locally made shorts.
Why I’m excited: I’ve said it for years; West Australians make the best short films with some of the finest examples screened each year during Get YourShorts On.



Nothing lazy about this indie gem
Directed by Michael Jones
Written by Caitlin Farrugia and Michael Jones
Starring Jackson Tozer, Fabiana Weiner, Troy Larkin,
Eva Seymour, Tegan Crowley, Francis Greenslade and Maude Davey

Tegan Crowley and Jackson Tozer in Lazybones.

It’s hard not to compare the structure of Michael Jones’ Lazybones to that of 90’s TV phenomenon, Seinfeld. At its core it’s a film about nothing, while each of its chapters are broken up with a belly laugh-inducing standup comedy routine. Director Jones has juxtaposed the format and the increasingly popular mumblecore movement with flawless precision.
Ben (Jackson Tozer) is an Uber driver by day and spends his nights performing standup comedy at half empty clubs in inner city Melbourne. His life is far from admirable and his sheer laziness as a human being is having a severe effect on his love life and career. His friends are no better. Best friend, Lucy (Fabiana Weiner), is constantly contemplating her future with her current squeeze, while brother Troy (Troy Larkin) is coming off a heavy breakup with his boyfriend. None of these characters can seem to move forward, and are all making very little effort to do so.
Lazybones is a performance driven film and its young cast of newcomers are all incredible. As it was in last year’s Joe Cinque’s Consolation, Tozer’s performance as the sweet and funny Ben is effortlessly brilliant and arguably award-worthy. His natural ability to improvise his lines and keep long, dialogue driven scenes flowing is such a joy to watch. It’s a pity though that the other two main characters, Lucy and Troy, aren’t fleshed out more. Their character
development would have been welcome during some lulls in the middle of the film. It’s also worth mentioning the performances of the two older leads, Maude Davey and Francis Greenslade as Ben’s parents. It’s criminal how underused these two are as actors in contemporary Australian cinema.
Without ever becoming too political or too topical, Lazybones is an accurate portrayal of modern life for a large portion of Australian 20-somethings. It’s a highly enjoyable watch and one of the finest
examples of low-budget, independent filmmaking we’ve seen in years.
Lazybones is screening at this year’s Rev. Details at



World premiere for one-shot wonder
Watch The Sunset will have its world premiere at this year’s Revelation Perth International Film Festival.
Co-directed by Tristan Barr and Michael Gosden, Watch The Sunset is the first Australian feature film to be shot in just one take.
The Australian crime drama follows ex-bikie Danny Biaro who is trying to reunite his broken
family torn apart by Danny’s devastating drug addiction. Watch the Sunset dives head first into a world fueled by drugs, violence and a fight for redemption.
“We’re very humbled and excited to premiere Watch the Sunset at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, being one of the best if not the top independent film events in Australia,” Barr told the Herald.
“To be amongst the mix of edgy nonconformist films that have been showcased over the last 20 years, and an array of talented directors that have emerged from the festival, we are stoked to be given the
platform,” Barr continued.
Motivated to shine a spotlight on Australia’s crystal meth epidemic and the drug’s impact on the country’s regional communities, Watch The Sunset is an intense collaborative effort and a true accomplishment for a small group of dedicated filmmakers including Barr (writer, director, producer and actor), Gosden (writer, producer, director and actor), Chelsea Zeller (writer and actor), and Damien Lipp (producer and director of photography). It also stars Zia Zantis-Vinycomb and Annabelle Williamson.
Guests from the film will take part in special Q&A screenings of Watch The Sunsetduring this year’s
Revelation Perth International Film Festival in both Perth and Fremantle.
Details at


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