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Internationally trained therapist opens Aromatherapy School in Fremantle

Aromatherapy. Most of us have probably heard of the term, and perhaps even enjoyed an Aromatherapy massage. But for many of us, that’s where the understanding of this ancient therapy ends.

Much more than nice-smelling potions and lotions, Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from plants to enhance physical and psychological wellbeing. These extracts are called essential oils and contain the essence or life force of plants, obtained from the flowers, bark, stems, seeds, leaves and roots. The inhaled aroma from essential oils is used for a variety of therapeutic applications including pain relief, relaxation and improved brain function. Oils can also be applied to the skin, such as in a massage, where they enter directly into the bloodstream.

For Zsuzsana Davidson, the sense of smell is a consuming passion. Zsuzsana resided in the US for many years, studying under Master Aromatherapist Jade Shutes at The School for Aromatic Studies, one of America’s leading natural therapy schools.

“There are so many benefits to Aromatherapy. It’s simple, effective and can be delivered at a relatively low cost. It may be used in conjunction with other natural therapies and can also be used to supplement mainstream western medicine, often with remarkable results,” explains Zsuzsana.

As a Clinical Aromatherapist, Zsuzsana is professionally trained in the use of essential oils, undertaking years of study and practice to learn the unique properties of each plant and how to apply them to the individual. For example, some essential oils should be avoided if you are pregnant, or have a particular illness. In 2004, Zsuzsana received a certificate of appreciation from the Epilepsy Foundation for her research and is the author of “Living with Epilepsy and Aromatic Oils”. You could say she is an Aromatic Chemist!

In 2016, Zsuzsana was ready for a sea change, and moved with her family to Fremantle, where she has set up an Aromatherapy training college – Aromatic Notes. If you’ve ever wanted to learn a little or a lot more about this fascinating therapy, there are several courses on offer, ranging from certificate to diploma level.

Course Details:
Day Classes 3 week(s) for Aromatic 101
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10.30 – 2.30
begins 7 August ends 25 August
Weekend Classes Saturday & Sunday
Aromatic Medicine Studies & Diploma
Program begins in October

Please ring for more info 0419 260 034
or email:

Aromatic Notes School for Aromatherapy
0419 260 034
Shop 2/23 Adelaide St, Fremantle

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