UK School Principals Recruiting in Perth

Perth schools have enjoyed an oversupply of teachers in the past five years, making it difficult for teaching graduates to land their first job. Many qualified teachers face years of casual relief teaching while they build up their resumes, in the hope of landing a permanent role.

However, over in the UK, things could not be more different, with an estimated shortage of over 20,000 teachers. For this reason, teaching graduates have been heading to England to obtain valuable classroom experience combined with travel adventures.

Now leading education recruitment agency Teach In is making things even easier for Perth teachers to find their ideal teaching jobs, by bringing UK School Principals out to Australia for face-to-face job interviews. Gemma Yates of Teach In explains:

“Many schools in England are keen to employ WA teachers, as they have a very good reputation and excellent teacher training. Interviewing face-to-face rather than via Skype, gives teachers a better opportunity to build rapport with the hiring Principals, as well as to ask detailed questions about the school and its leadership. It’s also a chance to find out more about the local area, to ensure they’re going to a location they will be happy in. Plus, Teach In offers incentives such as free flights for Australian teachers, to give them a financial head start when moving across the world.”

The benefits of international teaching are not just travel and adventure. When Aussie teachers return home, they usually find local schools are more willing to hire them, due to their experience gained in the UK. Teachers attending these interviews will also be able to participate in free professional development workshops in classroom and behaviour management. These workshops are particularly useful for graduates who have limited experience in dealing with various classroom issues.

Teach In is hosting interviews between UK Principals and Perth teachers (and teaching graduates) on 25th & 26th September, for Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary and Special Needs teaching positions.

Interviews in Perth CBD
Monday 24th September 9am – 8pm
Tuesday 25th September 9am – 6pm

To apply visit

Free PD session Monday 24th September 6-7pm
13/114 William Street Melbourne
Phone 0449 790 334

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