Hundreds at Yes rally

MORE than 750 people attended a rally in Fremantle to support same-sex marriage last Friday.

Supporters for the Yes campaign gathered at the Rainbow sculpture to hear guest speaker Tiernan Brady, executive director of Australians for Equality.

Mr Brady was a key leader in the successful Yes campaign in Ireland and tweeted he was thrilled to speak to Fremantle campaigners passionate about marriage equality.

• Same-sex marriage supporters form a giant “YES” at the Rainbow sculpture in Fremantle. Photo supplied

The rally was organised by Fremantle federal Labor MP Josh Wilson and supported by Freo mayor Brad Pettitt.

“It was lovely to stage a public event that allowed for a characteristically positive and colourful display of Freo community support for marriage equality,” Mr Wilson said.

“I believe the surge of 100,000 new electoral enrolments, mostly of younger people, shows an enthusiasm to participate in making a change that will allow all couples to choose the happiness, stability, and commitment of marriage.”

The Australian Electoral Commission reported it had processed 765,000 enrolments since August 8.  Ballots for the same-sex marriage postal survey will start hitting mailboxes early this month.


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