LETTERS 23.9.17

Selfish and naive
I WAS amazed by Natasha’s very selfish and naive comments seeking an ACROD for a torn calf which is a temporary injury (“ACROD Rethink”, Thinking Allowed, Herald, September 16, 2017).
I have played sport all my life: torn calves, rolled ankles, pulled hamstrings and had three knee operations .
Never did I expect an ACROD permit during those times.
Seven years ago I suffered what the doctors described as a ‘’life changing debilitating injury’’ in a farm accident and nearly lost my leg.
I have an ACROD permit that was not easy to get and involved my doctor confirming my injures are permanent and likely to get worse over time.
It took two goes to get it!
Renewal requires my doctor’s update to ACROD on my situation.
Overall there are very few ACROD bays around and they should only be available for those in permanent need.
Imagine every physio in town being able to issue passes for temporary applications or that even being accepted for ACROD.
It would be to the major detriment of those who need them the most, the very elderly, infirm, permanently injured or severely handicapped users.
Such temporary users would deny those most in need of bays and as far as I am concerned those in wheelchairs and severely handicapped should get priority over everyone including me.
It would be difficult for me but not impossible and I would rise above it if I had too .
Natasha stop thinking of yourself and start thinking of others in greater need; your injury will heal and I’m sure your young enough to be able to uses crutches very well anyway.
Mark Kendle
Eckersley Heights, Winthrop

Not cock-a-hoop
I AM disappointed with the mayor of Cockburn Logan Howlett (up for re-election),  Cr Lee-Anne Smith (mayoral candidate), and the two councillors up for re-election, Bart Houwen and Phlip Eva, who voted against a motion to keep Australia Day on January 26.
If they were unhappy with the motion, they had ample time to formulate and table an amendment to the motion, however they are obviously scared of alienating themselves from the leftist, Greens and radicalistic support.
Eighty five per cent of Cockburn residents are in favour of keeping Australia Day events on January 26 and it is now the time for the silent majority of the Cockburn electorate to stand up and reject these turn-coats with the necessary disdain in the current election.
Anita de Klerk
(East ward candidate)
Camden boulevard, Aubin Grove

LAST week’s Thinking Aloud (“ACROD Rethink”, Herald, September 16, 2017) by town planner Natasha Keppert, was an example of what can be achieved when the art of “padding out” is given full rein.
It was an achievement in itself.
The article outlined the discomfort compounded by the denial of access to an ACROD sticker on the basis that her condition would last less than six months.
Having suffered from a ruptured achilles tendon years ago I fully understand her plight.
Reality needs to be faced.
The expansion of ACROD permits by doctors to those with short term incapacity would create new problems and an unsustainable demand.
Priority should be where it presently falls.
End of story.
Philip Scott

A number two in the sink?
RECENTLY I was embarrassed to see some foreign tourists reading a big Water Corporation poster in a shopping centre, exhorting….not to poo in their kitchen sinks.
Years ago ‘utilities’ were quite highly regarded but nowadays a mutual hatred or despising exists between they and the human.
The laws of physics decree under such circumstances that humans will on average tend to respect sewers less and flush the wrong things; or, as in my own case, will stop reporting any water leaks seen during walks.
The government can’t have its cake and eat it.
John White
Central Ave, Beaconsfield

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