McGurk: ban Aldi grog

FREMANTLE Labor MP Simone McGurk has urged the local council to reject an application from supermarket giant Aldi to sell grog from its South Fremantle store.

The company is already in hot water with the McGowan government because of its plans to sell wine bottles for just $2.78, with health minister Roger Cook considering a minimum price because of fears cheap liquor will fuel the rate of alcoholism.

Ms McGurk says as the state minister responsible for child protection and curbing domestic violence, she was confronted daily with the damaging effects of alcohol abuse.

“The most frequent complaint I get as a local MP is about public drunkenness and anti-social behaviour in Fremantle and surrounding areas,” Ms McGurk said.

Alcohol abuse

“There is an established relationship between easy access to discount liquor and the exacerbation of problems associated with alcohol abuse.

“Rejection of this application is an opportunity for council to send a message that it will do what it can to reduce the extent of anti-social behaviour by limiting the number of outlets selling cut-price liquor.”

Aldi says it will stick strictly to it licence conditions.

“As a responsible and experienced retailer, Aldi observes all regulations for the purchase of alcohol,” it said in a response to the Herald.

“Unlike other supermarkets, ALDI does not have a large format liquor store and does not carry any chilled alcohol products for immediate consumption.

“In ALDI stores where liquor is sold, the range is confined to a delineated area, which is separate from everyday grocery lines.”

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  1. It’s disappointing for Simone McGurk to ask Fremantle council to reject Aldi’s application for a liquor licence, and wonder what her real motives are. Don’t Coles in Fremantle have a Liquor store attached, shall we close that down. My local bottle shop sells cleanskin wine close to that price, shall we close them down too.
    Lets have a level playing field for Aldi to trade in…

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