LAST week’s story about cyber bullying in the current council elections incorrectly pitted Palmyra/Melville/Willagee candidate Karen Wheatland against wave park opponent June Barton.

In fact, Ms Wheatland is standing against veteran Patricia Phelan and has been endorsed by Ms Barton, who is standing in Bicton/Attadale/Alfred Cove. Our apologies to both candidates for our reporter’s error.

Wave Park Group also wanted to distance itself from the attacks, telling the Herald if it’s supporters were behind them, it was unaware of it and didn’t condone them.

Ms Barton says she’s opposed to the wave park because it will impact on three of the areas she’s setting as her main platforms this campaign; preserving open recreational space, neighbourhood hubs and local amenity.

“All three are challenged by unrelenting commercial pressures and require constant vigilance and protective action,” Ms Barton said.

• June Barton

Public open space is her highest priority because it’s almost impossible to recover when lost.

She says while big blocks in older suburbs have been carved up for housing, there’s been no corresponding increase of open space, while new suburbs are popping up with open space calculated on the historic requirements.

“The physical and emotional welfare of our community is disadvantaged by these historical circumstances so pro-active measures are necessary if we are to increase rather than decrease the amount of recreational open space available.”

Ms Barton says neighbourhood hubs are put at risk by big sports centres, which aren’t nimble enough to cater for the diverse needs of the community.

“I have had wide experience in local government, both as an elected member and mayor for two terms of the City of Melville and as a former officer of an adjoining city.

“I am keen to use this experience and my extensive knowledge of the diverse issues and situations to assist the newly-elected council in formulating policies and making decisions that meet the expectations of the ratepayers and residents of the City of Melville.”

Ms Barton says she’ll also try to get a review of the council’s delegated authority, saying the electorate wants quasi-judicial decisions to be made by elected councillors, not staff.

She says fighting off council mergers was the highlight of her last term. Melville was ready to send Bicton over to Fremantle, but Cr Barton and fellow warder Susanne Taylor-Rees fought lone hands to convince the local government advisory panel to drop the plan.

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