Hilton upgrade

THE McGowan government has come good on an election promise to fund three road upgrades in Fremantle.

Last Friday local Labor MP Simone McGurk handed over $650,000 to Freo council to pay for works at the Hilton town centre, and the South Terrace/Little Lefroy and Hampton/Scott intersections.

In Hilton the council wants to reduce South Street’s effect in splitting the town centre. It’s planning to stop vehicles turning right out of Paget Street, improve signage, remove the steel fence outside Gilbert’s Fresh and fix up the ramps.

• Rikki Hutchinson discusses Hilton’s pedestrian crossing with Simone McGurk, Brad Pettitt and Sam Wainwright, Dave Hume, Hannah Fitzhardinge and Jeff McDonald.

That can’t come quick enough for Rikki Hutchinson, who says the road has sunk so much near the ramps it’s dangerous for her wheelchair. “One day I’m just going to go face first into the ground,” she warns.

Ms McGurk said the three intersections should be upgraded by May next year.

The changes are out for consultation until October 20 at https://mysay.fremantle.wa.gov.au/hilton-town-centre.

2 responses to “Hilton upgrade

  1. If you stop cars turning right from Paget onto South street you force people to drive through the suburb just so they can turn right from the next intersection, not ideal is it! Why not an overpass?

  2. More road restrictions it will soon help kill of the business here too

    Every place council interferes with these location less and less people go to avoid the driving hassles created by council

    Just look at Freo, or even south Freo now with speed humps and even peaches is a bigger pain to get in and out of.

    Just easier to do your shopping or grab a coffee elsewhere

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