Samson sale just rumours

A CANDIDATE in Fremantle’s council elections has put out campaign flyers warning Samson Park might be sold, but it was only based on rumours.

“Save Samson Park!” proclaimed Hilton candidate Catherine Hammond’s flyers in large, bold font. The flyers were authorised by Fremantle Society president John Dowson.

“I will not let Fremantle council sell Samson Recreational Centre or Samson Pk,” they proclaimed.

On a Facebook feed, Ms Hammond continued the theme, questioning whether the park was to be “demolished.”

“Who wants this beautiful park to be a residential area full with houses? … not me that’s for sure.”

When the Chook asked Ms Hammond what sparked her concerns, she acknowledged she’d only heard rumours.

But she says her flyers weren’t a response to the rumours, more the fact that other councils in Perth had sold off their parks.

“It’s just a possibility,” she told the Herald.

A couple of weeks ago former councillor and Hilton resident Frank Acocella contacted the Herald claiming a set of internal council minutes had been leaked to him referring to the park’s sale.

However, he’d lost the email and couldn’t recall any other details.

Incumbent councillor Sam Wainwright, who’s campaigning against Ms Hammond, is furious at the flyers, saying they were Trump-like “fake news” and “poor form”.

“At the risk of stating the obvious, there is not and never has been a proposal that the City of Fremantle sell Samson Park, and it’s not possible anyway,” Cr Wainwright said.

“The park is crown land vested in the city as a public reserve and registered as a state Bush Forever site. I believe its status can only be changed by an act of parliament.”

He acknowledges the city does have long-term plans that moot the sale of part of the neighbouring recreation centre, but says a firm decision hasn’t been made and won’t be for some time.


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