LETTERS 21.10.14

Make East Freo great again
DEAR Andrew,
Please stop copying that American hairstyle and try lifting the bar by doing the hard yards, and focusing on the decent and honest qualities of life around us all.
Pat Newton
Alexandra Road, East Fremantle

Censor same-sex debate
HI there, I just wanted to let you know that I was very disappointed to see you publish the letter regarding same-sex couples abstaining from sexual relationships (“Celibacy best for same-sex partners”, October 7, 2017).
These types of comments are incredibly hurtful and damaging to LGBTIQ+ people, particularly young people.
The Fremantle community expects better from its paper.
It’s an entirely false equivalent to say that both sides of the the argument need to be presented in regards to marriage equality or what goes on in same sex relationships.
What goes on in any consensual relationship is none of anyone’s business and to publish an opinion that a portion of our community should give up a basic human right, behaviour and need because it irks someone is deeply upsetting.
We already know that the mental health of those in the LGBTIQ+ is being affected by the postal survey.
I think it was irresponsible for the Herald to publish this letter that stigmatises a group of people for being human and I think the editors should acknowledge this. Thank you.
Lucy Crowcher-Gurthrie
Hale street, Beaconsfield

Sub-woofer Sunday
WHAT’S going on at Freo Markets?
This Sunday in the fruit and veg section the music was so loud with an aggressive bass that it was unpleasant to shop there and some of the stall-holders were visibly distressed, suffering bad headaches and nearly in tears.
I went to speak to management I went to speak to management but they refused, saying it couldn’t be turned down.
What nonsense!
Nothing wrong with background music in the markets, but this may even have been an occupational health and safety issue for the stall-holders.
It’s great seeing the markets doing so well, but please keep the ambience pleasant for everyone.
Sue Harrington
Holland Street, Fremantle

Alfred Cove water torture
THE Wave Park’s first spectacle will be the sight and the sound of bulldozers destroying Melville Bowling Club and the removal of the contaminated soil and materials over which the bowling club has been developed.
It may be a large job because, in the lease, the City of Melville has agreed to reimburse the developer for up to $200,000 for that work.
The second spectacle will be the sight and sound of bulldozers and excavators digging a huge hole in Tompkins Park to the very edge of the last undisturbed 1 per cent of the Swan River foreshore.
The third spectacle will be the sights and sounds of beautiful eucalypts in the centre of the park being bulldozed to enable the construction of a carpark and access road from just inside the leased area’s Canning Highway boundary all the way to the river foreshore.
The lease identifies these eucalypts as ‘non-native’ so they can be eliminated to help the Wave Park get more parking space.
The lease contains the following statement by the City of Melville, as the lessor: “the Lessor acknowledges and agrees that the premises will be used for a Wave Park, and therefore some noise is to be expected’
The lease contains an undertaking by the lessee not to: ‘do or carry out on the premises anything which causes a nuisance, damage or disturbance to the lessor or to owners or occupiers of adjoining properties’
This does not mean much.
There are no private properties adjoining the Wave Park area.
A post-Wave Park spectacle will be the city’s estimate of 300,000 visitors per year converting Canning Highway into a parking lot from Stirling Bridge to Canning Bridge.
Robert Kronberger
Cantray Avenue, Applecross

“Always look on the bright…”
After a year and a half away.
Oh so nice to once again to be able to say “G’day”.
Also I’ve come upon an idea of forming a club.
You’re all most welcome to join.
The AGM is held at the pub.
The “Good News” club in which we share an experience we’ve had.
Something good, nothing bad.
It happened to me on the bus when I was 50 cents short on a fare.
(For some reason the driver wouldn’t accept my ten kronor piece).
When the girl behind me handed over 50 cents. Such acts of kindness should never cease. So instead of letters to the editor—a complaint or a whinge.
Let’s meet at the pub for a “Good News Club “ binge.
Lee Lovmark
Marine Terrace, South Fremantle

Roll up! Roll up!
SOON the whole circus of democracy that has been the local council election will be over.
As a ratepayer it has been interesting watching the candidates spruiking their wares.
Some took a low-key approach whilst others had no problem in over-selling (parks in Samson being sold? Sure trust me. Not).
Others dished out their marketing brochures and when claims were queried couldn’t substantiate them (after all if someone else advises council property assets are now only worth $20 million and it suits a candidates narrative why bother to verify it? Seriously).
Then we had sitting councillors up for election having to bat away annoyances such as being bombarded on social media for links to the odd socialist movement
The mayoral debate was the popcorn moment.
Both candidates passionate. Both candidates able to be inclusive? The positive plan versus the plan for all (I think?).
So the sales pitches are done.
We ratepayers are about to make our selections.
The thing is there is no cooling off period.
No refund after 30 days if goods are returned.
Sean Hefferon
Wardie St, South Fremantle

Brains in neutral
THE new Jones Street block proposed as a new depot for Fremantle City Council looks like it was Howard Porter block.
Where have the bean counters been sleeping for the past two years if the land has been vacant for that long.
If the trucking company was paying $600,000 a year rental why did the council leave it empty, when they could have dropped the rent to say $360,000 per year.
That would have been $1000 a day.
Good pocket money for them and others and that could have been $100 per house less in rates for all ratepayers.
Councillors stop talking and start thinking.
Marshall Way, Samson

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