Boaties zone out

BOATIES have already been flouting the new exclusion zone at South Beach.

Save Freo Beach Committee member Jolly Read said with the weather warming up (occasionally) a few boats were encroaching on swimmers’ territory, particularly at the dog beach end.

“I don’t think people really know about the exclusion zone,” Ms Read said of the 120-metre no-go zone applied by the transport department last year.

• Demi Moore (truly, we double checked) and her pooch Nalah enjoy a frolic on the dog beach. Photo by Steve Grant

She says it needs more publicity, and there has been talk that buoys may be installed temporarily to mark out the zone.

It was created after 11,000 people signed a petition calling for the beach to be included in the zone, ending the Fremantle Sailing Club’s hopes of launching dinghies from the site.

“It had been proposed by DoT to allow boats to pull up on the beach in its review, but we overturned this with overwhelming public support,” Ms Read said.

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