Vibrant beauty

THIS White Gum Valley home is so colourful it could be an ad for the marriage equality yes campaign.

And the vibrant yellow exterior is like a sunshine welcome.

Inside, this Samson Street abode is a kaleidoscope of mauve, green, magenta, blue and yellow walls, and terracotta-tiles, which combine in joyous harmony.

The blue of the main bathroom is the colour of the sea: a gloriously rich tone reminiscent of posters for tropical holidays.

“Librans love colour,” the owner, a naturopath and doula, says rather unnecessarily.

The generous open plan is bathed in light, courtesy of a bank of large windows.

With a horde of kids, this chaotic space is filled with love and life, but when things get too out of control there’s always the tree-filled garden, with its brick-paved alfresco.

“I planted just about all the trees,” the owner says.

“It’s so peaceful, the bird life is unbelievable.”

Charcoal grey cupboards contrast with yellow walls in the kitchen, which includes an island bench, perfectly positioned to let mum keep an eye on what the kids are destroying, inside and out.

The garden is looking a tad sad at the moment after the owner’s dogs trashed the lawn, but there is potential for a veritable oasis.

All four bedrooms are separated from each other and the main living area.

At the front of the house is a pleasant courtyard that contains a separate quirky, limestone studio, which has a bathroom and kitchen at one end, and an open bedroom-sitting area.

The owner uses it as a studio, but it’s great for when rellies drop in, she says

This home is conveniently located with White Gum Valley school a five-minute walk away, and there’s no shortage of pleasant parks nearby.


34 Samson Street, White Gum Valley
from $799,000
Rebekah Vos-Jamieson
0428 175 643
Yard Property
9339 1006

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