Lessons from Roe

THE people entrusted with shaping WA’s transport and infrastructure have a lot to learn if they want to avoid another Roe 8 controversy, according to a new book published by UWA.

Never Again: Reflections on Environmental Responsibility, focuses on issues raised by Roe 8 in the lead up to last year’s state election and how any future government can learn from them.

Co-edited by academics Andrea Gaynor, Peter Newman and Philip Jennings, Never Again has contributions from over 30 local writers, poets, academics and Indigenous voices.

“It is a rich collection of reflections on a deep experience that Perth has lived through,” says internationally-renowned sustainability professor Tim Beatley.

“It shows how grassroots activism that is determined and well led can turn around the power of bulldozers backed by the state. “

Ms Gaynor said they hoped the book will be the first of many on Roe 8.

The book launch is at Fremantle Town Hall on December 3 at 5pm.


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