No strings attached?

SPARE PARTS Puppet Theatre is reportedly weighing up whether to leave Fremantle.

Two staff apparently made the claim at a meeting of local arts representatives organised by the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce two weeks ago, saying maintenance of the theatre was becoming a problem.

Joondalup, which regularly hires Spare Parts for its annual festival, was suggested as a potential new home.

Almost two weeks of calls to the puppeteers’ artistic director Philip Mitchell and chair Anna Dartnell went unanswered, then on Thursday the Chook’s enquiries were handballed to the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Institutions.

It’s overseeing works to rectify long-term water damage.

Assistant director general Margaret Butcher told the Herald she hadn’t heard of any plans to move permanently, and a $390,000 contract to build an exo-skeleton to protect the rear of the building from further water damage, had recently been awarded.

Ms Butcher said the works will start after the company’s production of The Twits, which runs January 8 – 27.

Fremantle mayor Brad Pettitt said he’d heard no word about Spare Parts leaving permanently.

“That’s certainly not the conversation we have had with the department,” Dr Pettitt said.


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  1. Freo council chalk up yet another loss
    The spin down continues

    Old Brad seems the last to admit yet another failure, which is what makes him the master of spin, smoke and mirrors, which he seems well label as across the media

    The house is a ablaze “smoke what? Can’t smell a thing 😬

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