Shower power

A STRICT regime of cold showers helped Myaree resident and adventurer Peter Klauz prepare for what was the last swim across the English Channel this year.

Starting at 3am from the rocky shores of Samphire Hoe in England’s south, late September, the 30-year-old law student touched land again 12 hours and 33 minutes later near Wissant, France. The Channel Swimming Association’s traditions dictating nothing more than a pair of speedos, swimming cap and goggles to tackle the swim.

“The cold water lets you know you are alive, that’s for sure, but months of cold water training, including nothing but cold water showers for two months leading up to the swim enabled me to acclimatise well,” says Klauz.

Conditions in the Channel were unusually rough this year, making Klauz one of only a few who made it across, tackling

Although he lives in Perth, Klauz trains with elite swimmers in Sydney’s Vlad Swim squad, which he describes as “ever so humbling”.

“Juggling university, training and paying off a mortgage hasn’t been easy, but this is just the start of something far greater,” says Klauz, who’s planning seven solo Rotto crossings in seven days early next year.

Klauz is hoping to raise the profile of open water swimming and is interested in hearing from new and experienced swimmers keen on a salty splash. You can follow his exploits on Instagram@freedompete.

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