Modernist Masterpiece

Stunning new residence pays homage to Palm Springs icon

“Having built several homes over the years, we know what to look for when choosing a builder – quality workmanship and great customer service. After making the decision to build just one more house, one we’re planning to live in for many years to come, we chose Refined Edge by Brian Burke Homes as our builder for three key reasons:

Firstly, we wanted a builder where design and individuality are paramount; secondly, we wanted a builder that builds to the highest standard; and thirdly, we wanted a builder with an excellent reputation and dedication to customer service. We also required all of these within a budget.

We looked at regular building companies and while we could find elements of our requirements – there always seemed to be a shortfall in some way. In consultation with Refined Edge, all of our elements were met. We appreciate the work of architect Donald Wexler – and wanted to emulate our own version of his iconic Hermosa residence in Palm Springs, while incorporating an Australian modernist approach. Bespoke creator Pavlo Szyjan’s design captured its very essence.

The builder listened to our ideas, made suggestions to improve practicalities and sustainability, yet stayed true to the brief. This can-do attitude was exemplified in our choice of brick – a new product with an unusual profile, which we’re sure sent the bricklayers ‘spare’ when deciding the best way to lay them! The final result however is stunning and such a standout feature. We couldn’t be more thrilled with what Refined Edge has delivered!

In regards to workmanship – we had highly skilled tradesmen, carefully selected by the builder. The tiling on the feature wall in the bathroom is just one example of a master craftsman at work. As is the plastering, painting and carpentry. Ideas quickly became reality and the builder was able to incorporate our ‘what-do-you-think-about’ moments such as, ‘We love the breeze blocks…let’s add some to the letterbox – done!’

All of this was made possible because Michael Burke is a master builder and we feel very fortunate that we’ve been able to access his skills and knowledge through his company Refined Edge. Our neighbours excitedly watched the build progress. We received comments such as: ‘We’ve never seen a building site like it – so neat and tidy’ and ‘The design is awesome – we love those bricks!’

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