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Local Nikki Miller was in agony with Plantar Fasciitis until she found Z-CoiLs

I developed plantar fasciitis 3 years ago when I increased my exercise routine. However, with two young children and working in two businesses, it was impossible to stay off my feet to give them the recovery time they required.

And they seemed to be demanding a lot of recovery time! Months passed. I went to the podiatrist and got two types of orthotic: off-the-shelf and custom made. I followed the podiatrist’s advice but the pain was hideous. I remember crying because it was too painful to stand and cook the family’s dinner. It was debilitating and depressing as many of the things I enjoyed doing were no longer possible.

As time passed and with little relief I kept madly Googling and reading everything I could about plantar fasciitis. Acupuncture was helpful, I hobbled in to my first appointment and walked out but the pain of the actual treatment was so severe (though short-lived) that I saw stars. I didn’t want to have to keep going back for more painful treatments. I emptied my wardrobe of my gorgeous shoes and tried and bought many types of comfort shoes, none of which gave much relief.

Finally one night, on someone’s blog in the United States, I read that whenever their plantar fasciitis flared up they just put on their Z-CoiLs. I immediately googled ‘Z-CoiL’ and was stunned to read the incredible testimonials. The price nearly put me off because I had already spent quite a lot of money trying to fix my problem but the testimonials and the 30 day trial period reassured me.

When my Z-CoiLs arrived I put them on and loved them from the very first step. One week later I was completely pain free. The Z-CoiLs allowed me to make an active recovery, they worked much better than a week of complete rest!

I am so grateful to Z-CoiLs for giving me back my life. I am back at the gym and there is nothing I can’t do. They are such a joy to wear. I now look forward to big day trips and massive outings because I don’t get tired in my Z-CoiLs.

In 2016 I started Springy Feet because so many people asked me about the spring in my shoes and I enjoy spreading the word so that more people can be pain free.

Z-CoiLs gave me back the life I wanted and I am so grateful to Al Gallegos the inventor for such a brilliant product.

Nikki Miller

Nikki Miller


Springy Feet is your Authorised Australian Retailer of Z-CoiLs.

Z-CoiL shoes have sold over 1 million pairs in the United States since 1995 with ardent customers spreading the word: now available from Springy Feet in Australia. 

There are four special components to the shoe including a spring in the heel that relieves the pain from impact. With many possible adjustments, learn how you can achieve a perfect and perfectly comfortable fit. 

Springy Feet is based in East Fremantle. At the moment they are only sold online and at pop-up stores. If you live in Western Australia and would like to try before you buy and get a custom fitting, please email or call Nikki on 0404 877 006.

Contact: 0404 877 006
Facebook: springyfeet

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