Something’s brewing

CHRISTMAS is for kombucha and kefir instead of Coronas and Cab Sav.

Well, that’s the plan in Cockburn, where the council is holding workshops on how to brew healthy, fermented drinks to keep your gut healthy over the festive season.

Kim Zeale has been fermenting her own probiotic drinks for over three years, and will be passing on her knowledge at the workshops.

• Kim Zeale


“Kombucha is an ancient culture made from what is known as a Scoby; a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast,” she explains.

“The beneficial bacteria in the yeast metabolise sugar which is added, and turn it to lactic acid.

“This creates an environment where probiotic bacteria can thrive. You brew it in tea; black or green.”

She says water kefir is similar: “It’s like clear gelatinous crystals of beneficial bacteria and yeast, in a sugar water mix.”

Ms Zeale says some people are worried about the sugar content, but it’s used up in the fermentation process.

She says since drinking kombucha and kefir her immunity, gut health and skin have improved considerably.

“I’d had constant tonsillitis and shingles, my immunity was shot,” she says.

“I started off on a glass a day of water kefir, and I noticed a huge change. “Firstly my digestion, and then I stopped catching every cold and flu. My energy improved too.”

On the menu for the workshop is cranberry cinnamon kefir, and plum pudding kombucha.

The workshop costs $25 per person and will be held at Success Public Library on December 16, 12pm.


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