Festival hopes for dolphins on the brink

THE Fremantle Underwater Film Festival at North Freo’s Railway Hotel from January 5 – 7 may help save the world’s rarest marine dolphin.

The festival is being organised by local marine scientist, freediving expert and yoga instructor Tania Douthwaite, who’s dedicated her life to raising awareness about the world’s oceans and teaching people what they can do to look after them.

“The reason for this event in Fremantle is that the local public needs to see what is happening in our oceans, to hopefully feel something and then be inspired to enact positive change for our planet,” Ms Douthwaite said.

“Fremantle is a unique ambassador for nature and is building its reputation as a global leader in One Planet Sustainability.”

• Maui dolphins are the rarest marine dolphin and are facing extinction.


Part of the funds will help her organisation support efforts to save the Maui dolphin, which only exists in the waters of New Zealand. In 2015 it’s population dropped below 50 adult individuals, but despite fears it could face extinction within a decade, New Zealand’s government opened a large section of its habitat to oil drilling.

The festival kicks of January 5 with a gala opening featuring the films, a eco-ocean fashion show of swimwear and designer gear, and an art auction. On January 6 there’s a dinner and art exhibition.

It concludes on the Sunday with market stalls, entertainment, the fashion show and the art exhibition from midday, with the closing from 6pm featuring the films and an optional dinner. For tickets go to eventbrite/com.au or check out more info on fuff.com.au.


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