Shed shelved

MELVILLE council has scrapped plans for a men’s shed in Bateman following backlash from locals.

The shed was going to replace some old tennis courts next to Mandala Hall on Bill Ellson Park, but neighbours claimed it would be too disruptive for the quiet, residential area.

Men’s Sheds are community centres headed by the Australian Men’s Shed Association, and are aimed at encouraging men to come together to share feelings and talk about health issues while drilling, hammering, painting—all the things they used to do in the shed before Australia’s backyards started disappearing.

Locals surrounding Bill Ellson said they love the concept, but a residential area isn’t suitable for an industrial shed. After a meeting with the residents earlier this month, the council has agreed to look elsewhere.

Melville CEO Shayne Silcox said residents were worried about noise, traffic and the appearance of the shed.

“After listening to the concerns of immediate neighbours and taking these into consideration, the city is investigating options other than the proposed Bateman site and is not currently considering it as an option,” Dr Silcox said. “We recognise the value and importance of men’s sheds particularly in relation to improved mental health and wellbeing outcomes for older men, and we hope through our current investigations that a site will be identified to accommodate such a facility.”


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