Precinct back

SOUTH CITY precinct has emerged from four years of hibernation.

Extending from Fremantle Oval to the corner of Edmund and South streets, South City is the first of three precincts to be revived under a re-activation of the system.

Almost 30 people attended the first meeting to discuss the Fremantle Oval development and safer crossings for residents on Hampton Road and Attfield Streets.

Community campaigner Georgia Blackburn, the group’s new convener, says she’s passionate about breaking down communication barriers and getting young people involved in politics.

“There is a growing disconnect between young people and our levels of government,” says Ms Blackburn, who’s worked on campaigns to prevent the wind-back of Australia’s marine sanctuary network and stop Perth’s late night trains being axed, and is a Greens staffer.

• Georgia Blackburn is the new convener of South City precinct. Photo by Alice Angeloni

“I’d like to get the message across that it’s actually not that difficult to start engaging with your community and your local government.

“It’s really the level of government that most directly effects everyday life, but it’s also the level of government that the least amount of people are aware of.”

White Gum Valley precinct has been going strong for many years, while North Freo, South Freo, Arts Centre and Gibson Park have all remained active on local issues.

Hilton and Samson have recently reactivated.

City Ward councillor Rachel Pemberton says, “The precincts are a great way for locals to engage with council and keep up-to-date on local issues and projects.

“In the past, the South City precinct managed to get the roundabout installed at the bottom of Wray Ave plus they worked with staff to develop a streetscape policy for Wray Ave.”

City Ward councillor Adin Lang would like to see the precinct become a self-sustaining body. “A productive, cohesive group that all residents can come along to, a safe environment where people can discuss possible solutions.


2 responses to “Precinct back

  1. It’s a system controlled by councils gang to control and stifle real public debate, public comment and to rubber stamp councils agendas
    Once you see a precinct activate you know the councils up to something and new councillors are in the making
    Freo council doesn’t like just any old rate payer or resident to get onto council
    They like a control selection process supported and driven by political parties to ensure their agenda is not disturbed
    Councils elections need complusory voting to clean up this manipulated system

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