Roll up, roll up

CIRCUS WA is having its big “coming out” at this year’s Fringe Festival, a shindig to celebrate surviving its move into a big top tent on Princess May Park last year.

Program manager Jo Smith says staying afloat was a bit like a trapeze routine using just your toes and there were concerns the tent wasn’t up to big performances, but they’ve pulled it together with a cast, a stage show, a food van and even a pop-up bar.

As part of Fringe they’ll be doing two circus shows a night from January 31 to February 3.

Ms Smith says though technically the “Carni-Bar” would be competing with Clancy’s Fish Pub, it’s owners had agreed to provide equipment and staff to make the event happen.

• Tessa Kaminski, Sarah Green, Shae Holden, Gael Myers and Ella Norton are the Ladies of the Big Top, hanging out for the Fringe Festival. Photo by Infamous Clicks Photography

She says that’s because they understand that one of the aims of Circus WA is to bring the community together and create a new energy at the park.

She says there’s been some comments that the big top wasn’t as pretty as some had hoped.

“But that’s carny, and inside is this life and we want people to know that it’s a way to have cheap access to a circus school and events, and to have park life than not just yelling.”

Tickets are available from or


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