LETTERS 10.2.18

Brad cops it
I REFER to the story in last week’s Herald, “Family Rocked by Freo Stabbing” (Feb 3, 2018).
It was with sadness but not surprise when I read the story about the 34-year-old man in Fremantle being harassed and finally stabbed.
Just taking a walk around Fremantle in the daytime is enough to see the collection of ‘zombies’ and ‘ferals’ that hang about now.
As far as going into Fremantle at night time, I wouldn’t even entertain the idea.
Many years ago it was perfectly safe and good fun but those times are well and truly gone.
Perhaps the good mayor of Fremantle could spend a bit less time on currying favour with minority groups and bleeding hearts and concentrate some of his energy on law enforcement.
If he wishes to see a rebirth in this city, then first of all he will have to make it safe once more to go there.
Then if he ever achieves this goal, then perhaps he can focus on why so many businesses are closing down under his watch.
Maybe a review of the rent that shop owners are forced to pay may be a clue.
So Brad, how about standing up and showing a bit of intestinal fortitude and prove that you really are capable of being a good leader.
Steve Grady
Murray Road, Palmyra

Faggie Fiona
HAVING had occasion to visit Fiona Stanley Hospital numerous times over the past 18 months, I can sympathise with your article “Fuming” (Herald, Feb 3, 2018).
The smoking outside the building is most certainly “out of control” and remedies need to be in place fast.
Unfortunately, the general public approach the offenders and tell them off at their peril.
Best case scenario, they will either ignore you or tell you to fxxk off. Worst case scenario, they will kill you.
This happened only last year to a doctor who, when leaving his Melbourne hospital, had the effrontery to chide a smoker.
The offender beat him to death on the spot for his trouble.
For sure, most of the types you see smoking at Fiona Stanley are pretty rough-looking, the sort that likely don’t think that any of society’s rules apply to them, let alone smoking outside hospital doors.
I certainly won’t be tackling them.
What is needed is a sizeable force of rangers, backed up by the police (this will be necessary for sure) to sort this lot out once and for all.
But I’m not holding my breath.
John McClane
Farrington Road, Leeming

Policing apathy
HAVING been a Fremantle resident since 1987, I have seen the dramatic increase in anti-social behaviour and put it down to the regressive support given to offenders and the very soft approach by council and the Fremantle magistrates.
This has bred an unsettling apathy in Fremantle’s policing culture.
I have had discussions with police on these issues on several occasions and the apathy is surprising but understandable as the police recount magistrates who repeatedly let repeat offenders off with a slap on the wrist, such as fines that are never paid.
I strongly urge a tough approach to crush the increasing abusive, threatening and violent people in Fremantle who feel they can get away with anything.
They need to be dealt with accordingly and need to know Fremantle is not a place where you can hang out and get away with murder.
This is what is what it is coming to and I challenge anyone who disagrees is not in the loop.
My daughter works in the Woolstores Shopping Centre and has repeatedly been abused and threatened.
The security in the centre is totally inadequate.
I strongly urge Fremantle city, politicians, shop keepers, residents and police to take action on this issue.
Please don’t sit back and allow it to fester.
Robert Middleton
White Gum Valley

Fairies stay put
With regard to Geoff Dunstone’s letter (“Fairy flutters off,” Herald, February 3), we’d just like to assure everyone that Fairy Queen Jenny, Wizard Rex and all the Faerie Folk aren’t going anywhere.
The Pickled Fairy & other Myths has been a part of the magic of Fremantle for the past 26 years and we fully intend to be here for the next 26!
We are in the lovely position of being around long enough to see a whole generation of children who now as grown-ups bring in their own children for a day in town. We think the town gets better with every passing year.
The fabulous park on The Esplanade, which has seen huge improvements over the years, Fishing Boat Harbour, which is so much more family friendly than it was in years gone by are just two of the ever improving attractions.
Each mayor and council has add their distinctive touch and we have appreciated them all. There will undoubtedly be challenges for all of us while Kings Square is being developed, but if we all hang in there together we can continue to make the place brighter and better. We will certainly be here sprinkling magic!
Fairy Queen Jenny and Wizard Rex
The Ed says: Geoff should have said Arc of Joan, of course. Apologies, we should have picked that up.

South Ward: the rematch
THE fresh by-election for South Ward is a win for all residents.
It also corrects an injustice for the 268 voters who supported an ineligible candidate while leaving a cloud over due process and accountability in local government.
Nominations closed on Wednesday for the March 16 election, and I am running again.
Though I lost the election in October by 138 votes, I achieved a great victory in lodging my invalidity complaint with the WAEC – challenging another candidate’s eligibility and winning my challenge in the Fremantle Magistrates Court.
It was a difficult thing to do because there was no precedent to guide me.
But it was the right thing to do.
Marija Vujcic
Candidate for South Ward

SOMETIMES it’s a single small thing that changes a nation’s awareness of ‘other’ people’s dilemmas.
The larger issues of war ravaged places, people incarcerated and human injustices sometimes wash over us as news items roll on.
But the picture of a little drowned boy on a Mediterranean beach, the little naked girl running away from the bombing activities in Vietnam emblazon on our consciences the inhumanity of it all.
Currently on Nauru there is a little month-old-boy called Melvin who is suffering badly.
He has jaundice and now a bacterial infection of the skin between his toes that has migrated to his navel.
The hospital on Nauru is not adequate to deal with these issues, no hygienic environment and no antibiotics at the time.
Someone on Nauru was able to send out a picture and a plea.
One’s heart goes straight to Melvin and we want him to get well, to have as good a life as possible if he can get off Nauru.
As a concerned voter I join hundreds, or maybe hundreds of thousands, who want to see an end to the five-year detention that keeps children in limbo, families divided, appalling conditions, and secrecy that goes beyond anything that is reasonable.
It seems that the minor parties and independents are the only ones speaking out against  a government that will not budge from its absurd position.
Let Melvin survive, cut the red tape and make Australia a proud nation again.
Bev Hollyock,
Blinco Street, Fremantle

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