The duality of life

TWO artists; two different perspectives.

Wendy Binks and Bernadette Malouf approach life from very different angles in their upcoming dual exhibition.

Binks abandons her iconic Where’s Stripey emu fetish, as she explores the ocean through her daily swims at South Beach.

“There’s not an emu in sight,” she laughs.

• Wendy Binks’ paintings of South Beach

About a year ago the South Fremantle local got a dog, which changed her relationship with the beach on her doorstep.

“Before I would just run past.”

Her acrylic works capture the shimmering light and colours found underwater, and a swimming dog’s undercarriage is particularly striking.

Malouf’s exhibition, My Mother Always Wore Lipstick, examines the way women are coerced into believing love and romance are synonymous.

Her works capture the hallmarks of female seduction through make-up and clothing.

“From a christening robe, a ball gown, a wedding dress, the ballet slipper, high heels, lipstick, make-up lingerie, underwear, the whole armour of the mating game,” she says.

The dual exhibition is at Earlywork, 330 South Terrace, South Fremantle, from February 17 to 25.

• A nod to the symbolism of romance in Bernadette Malouf‘s My Mother Always Wore Lipstick


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